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Texas Home Visiting Program

What it offers

Matches parents with a trained home visitor who comes to wherever the family lives. The home visitor can answer questions about a pregnancy or being a parent. The home visitor also can help parents find services that help them care for themselves and their children.

Depending on the child's age and what a parent would like to know, this program can help parents learn how to:

  • Get their home ready for a new baby.
  • Eat right during pregnancy.
  • Calm an upset child.
  • Keep their child healthy.
  • Keep their child safe at home and outside.
  • Get their child prepared for school.
  • Feed and fix healthy food.
  • Understand their role as a parent.

Who is it for?

People who: (1) live in one of the 39 counties that offers this program and (2) are:

  • Expecting a baby.


  • Have a child age 5 and younger.

Each county has different program rules. To find out if you can be in this program, fill out an interest form.